Hello. I’m James Brooks and my last nerve is my blog about psycho-neuro stuff.

I was born 32 years ago in a London dormitory town and look like the bloke in the photo on the right, only less grumpy. I read Pharmacology1 at King’s College London before moving to Paris to work as a head-hunter for the pharmaceutical industry2. I returned to London in late 2009 and after a stint as a reporter for a B2B magazine, I’m now studying for an MA in Science Journalism at City University.

I’m not an expert on neuroscience or psychology but just someone with a keen interest who wanted to share his fascination. There are already plenty of excellent blogs3 on this topic but many of them are written for people who are already clued in to the relevant issues. I’m hoping that this blog will be a bit more accessible to non-scientists4.

Please feel free to contact me unless you want to sell me something5. My e-mail address is on the right. I’m also on LinkedIn.



1. Rang, Dale and Ritter (Churchill Livingstone, 3rd edition) – a tenner if you’re interested.

2. There is no way of relating that information without sounding like a prannet.

3. Mind Hacks, Neuroskeptic and The Frontal Cortex are three favourites.

4. Alternative to that sentence: “I, on the other hand, hope that my blog will become a Mecca for the clueless.”

5. Or you’re confusing me with the other jimbrux who offers special “dating services”. Note to self – always Google before you choose a web handle.


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